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Entrepreneurs as a service.001.jpeg



Self-funded startups are always resource constrained. Once you've found product-market fit using our Insight-Driven Iteration process, it's time to execute your plan and grow your business.

Doing this is easier said than done. Often times, startups just don't have the resources necessary to execute their plans quickly enough. 

One potential solution is to hire one of our experienced entrepreneurs and assign them to an important task on a temporary basis. In many cases, this is exactly the solution entrepreneurs need to move their startups forward. 

  • Add an experienced entrepreneur to your team to help you accomplish critical tasks
  • Break through barriers by defining products, building MVPs and getting traction with customers based on insights from customer experiments
  • Define scope of services at a fixed time and fixed price to keep you under budget and help conserve your resources

The price above includes 30 hours of consulting hours. Additional hours are available and payable in advance at $100 per hour. Please contact us at sensei@foundersensei.com if you have any questions. 

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