Founder's Workbench

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Founder's Workbench


The Founder's Workbench is our online class and software platform for running experiments with customers. Your subscription includes access to the entire course content and tools to help you determine which experiments to run and how to run them. Following our proprietary Insight-Driven Iteration process, you can learn how to find product-market fit, get traction with customers and acquire the resources you need to make your startup successful.

  • Get access to over 30 hours of instructional video content from Dave Linhardt and Paul Benevich, serial entrepreneurs and Co-Founders of FounderSensei who share their award winning content and real-world examples from their startup experience. 
  • Use our proprietary software platform that helps you figure out what experiments to run and how to run them.
  • Leverage helpful experiment templates and frameworks that enable you to design your experiments, document results, share insights with your team and make changes to your business model based on evidence
  • Create a data archive of all your progress and evidence that you can share with potential investors to demonstrate the robustness of your business plan and idea.
  • Unlock live meetings with mentors and investors by performing at the top levels in the quantity and quality of experiments compared to other entrepreneurs on the platform
  • Obtain independent investment analysis of your progress to show to potential investors as evidence of your startup's potential


Your subscription includes access to the following modules.

  • Introduction to the Insight-Driven Iteration, a proven method for creating profitable startups with very little capital
  • How to validate a problem with customers
  • How to develop customer empathy
  • How to use a Problem Template to make sure you hit the target
  • What is an MVP (minimum viable product)?
  • How to validate a solution with customers (part 1 & 2)
  • How to validate a profitable, scalable path-to-customers
  • How to measure unit economics and quantify your business model
  • How to pivot, when to pivot and when to proceed
  • How to build entrepreneurial judgment over time
  • How to cultivate a positive, resilient mindset


The price above is a monthly subscription fee and covers the first month of service. You will be charged upon registration for this service. After the first month, you will be charged $29 per month. There is no obligation to continue your subscription beyond the current 30-day pay period. You may cancel at any time by sending an email to 



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