We use insight to create growth.

For established businesses: We help your business grow faster!

For small to medium-sized businesses with revenue of $300K to $100 million per year, we provide expertise and bandwidth to help companies grow faster. We do this through a new category of professional service called Entrepreneur-As-A-Service. Unlike consultants who spend large sums of money on theoretical plans that are handed off and often fail, we provide experienced entrepreneurs who develop and implement successful growth strategies by rolling up their sleeves to build the business as a complement to existing teams. We provide these services as an independent contractor under a flexible hiring model.

For early-stage startups: We teach entrepreneurs how to build profitable startups!

For startups ranging from concept to scalable traction, we teach committed entrepreneurs how to build profitable startups. Unlike most incubators and accelerators, we provide a proven methodology called Insight-Driven Iteration through an online education platform called the Founder's Workbench. Using this tool and framework, entrepreneurs can get customer traction, find a scalable business model and attract the resources they need to make their startups successful.

Sensei means "person born before another." All Senseis are proven entrepreneurs that have built profitable businesses from scratch. Entrepreneurship must be learned by doing. We believe only someone who has been there before you can be your trusted guide.

All Senseis must meet the following criteria. There are no exceptions.

  • Sensei must have created at least two profitable businesses from scratch that were self-sufficient without additional outside capital
  • Sensei must have had at least one startup failure
  • Sensei must be a master practitioner of the Insight-Driven Iteration methodology
  • Sensei must be an exceptional teacher and have personal empathy for entrepreneurs in The Struggle
  • Sensei must have a sincere passion for helping other entrepreneurs without expectation of anything in return


Dave Linhardt is an serial entrepreneur and innovative business leader with 25 years of experience creating and growing technology businesses. Dave is a 8x entrepreneur and 4x intrapreneur. He bootstrapped his last five startups to profitability with no outside capital creating millions in value, a feat that had a one in 32 quadrillion probably of being successful (1/2000)^5. We helped create a billion dollar unicorn at AT&T Wireless and turned around two multi-million dollar divisions at Experian and Yesmail. Dave is the creator of FounderSensei and continues to work as the first Sensei in the program because he loves doing it!

Dave also has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Jim Johnson has 25+ years of rewarding fun and experience driving corporate growth for highly visible technology companies and innovative start-ups. Turning Disruptive and Sustaining Innovation into growth and profit in highly competitive markets, he has created a consistent record of exceeding aggressive sales objectives while protecting base revenues and driving new investment. Each of these roles - global enterprises, domestic Fortune 100’s, and technology startups has fine-tuned his ability to find solutions to business challenges while leading high-performance teams.

Jim and Dave built a unicorn at AT&T Wireless in the late 90's. Ask him about it sometime. 

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Paul Benevich is an experienced technology entrepreneur. Paul has created a three of technology startups and several professional services companies. He excels in creative thinking, business development and helping motivate people around him to work on meaningful opportunities. Paul is a true entrepreneur and excels at creating something from nothing. Eons ago, Paul was Dave's big brother at Acacia Fraternity at Purdue University.

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