FounderSensei is for entrepreneurs who want to master their craft of creating successful businesses from scratch. We teach a proven methodology, called Insight-Driven Iteration, that enables Founders to create profitable startups with very little capital. Unlike accelerators that focus on mentor dating, pitch training and demo days, FounderSensei focuses exclusively on business model validation through scientific customer experiments and resilient psychology in a mastermind setting. Entrepreneurs who complete the FounderSensei program learn a robust process they can apply for the rest of their lives, helping them find product-market fit, get traction with customers and acquire the resources they need to make their startups successful. 

We provide three solutions to entrepreneurs depending on the stage of their current startup. 

  • Bootstrap - Learn how to build profitable startups using the Founder's Workbench
  • Angel Funded - We help startups grow faster by adding a Startup CXO
  • Venture Funded - We help startups finish strong and get to an exit

Sensei means "person born before another." All Senseis are proven entrepreneurs that have built profitable businesses from scratch. Entrepreneurship must be learned by doing. We believe only someone who has been there before you can be your trusted guide.

All Senseis must meet the following criteria. There are no exceptions.

  • Sensei must have created at least two profitable businesses from scratch that were self-sufficient without additional outside capital
  • Sensei must have had at least one startup failure
  • Sensei must be a master practitioner of the Insight-Driven Iteration methodology
  • Sensei must be an exceptional teacher and have personal empathy for entrepreneurs in The Struggle
  • Sensei must have a sincere passion for helping other entrepreneurs without expectation of anything in return