The FounderSensei Order

The FounderSensei Order is a personal growth framework to help entrepreneurs develop their skills over time. 

  • Newbie is someone who is new to FounderSensei and is creating their first startup
  • Apprentice is an entrepreneur who has completed the FounderSensei 12-Week Workshop 
  • Sensei is an entrepreneur who created a profitable startup from scratch and has generated at least $250K in annual net income
  • Master Sensei is Sensei who has mentored at least one Apprentice to has achieved Sensei status



Dave Linhardt
Order: Sensei
Startups Founded: 7

Dave is a serial entrepreneur at the Founder of FounderSensei. He created FounderSensei as an entrepreneurial support group in 2013 and as a give back to the startup community. 

Dave's LinkedIn profile