@bfeld tweets the FounderSensei Challenge

Brad Feld, my spiritual startup guide, did me a solid yesterday and tweeted about the Challenge. Thank you so much Brad! This is awesome! I'm looking forward to sharing what we learn in the process.

The FounderSensei Lean Startup Challenge is a 12-Week Lean Startup Contest for serious entrepreneurs who want to turn their idea into an awesome startup. Unlike business plan competitions that judge startups based on untested assumptions, the FounderSensei Challenge judges entrepreneurs based on hard data from customer experiments. The program kicks off with an intense one-day Lean Startup Bootcamp, where Founders learn how to build a successful startup. The contest includes a crowdfunded cash prize where 70% of the entry fee goes into a winner-take-all pot. To our knowledge, this contest is the only one of its kind that is 100% funded by the entrepreneur community. 

Startups can exist anywhere in the world. The only requirements are that you have to be actively working on a startup, and your startup has to have less than $250K in gross lifetime revenue.

If you are a serious entrepreneur and are interested in discovering the keys to startup success, sign up today.

Dave Linhardt