Why Am I An Entrepreneur?

As my life is evolving, I need to restructure my personal living situation. So, I called my landlord who owns my apartment in San Francisco, to see if I can convince him to let me out of my lease early.

The good news is the rental market in Pac Heights / Cow Hollow couldn't be hotter right now. After two days, he's already found a replacement tenant. That's great for him and for me.

As I was explaining my situation, and why I need to leave early, he said something that caught my attention.

"Oh, so you're one of the crazy ones."

You may be familiar with the now super famous Apple commercial, written by Master Jobs himself. After hearing my landlord proclaim I'm crazy, I took it as a massive compliment. I responded simply.

"I guess I am. Thank you."

I'm not sure exactly when being "crazy" became a badge of honor for me, but it is. Perhaps it's because I've created six startups and personally lived through all the craziness that comes with it. Perhaps I was just always crazy and didn't know it. Perhaps I'm just choosing craziness over boredom. Perhaps I like to explore new areas, which are often chaotic, messy and undefined.

People who watch others do things that seem risky and have never been done before often say those people are crazy.

I'm preparing for a FounderSensei meetup right now. In the context of my presentation, I created a slide which attempts to summarize why I continue to choose craziness over sanity. In this context, craziness is the decision to do yet another startup. Sanity is choosing to become a venture capitalist, corporate innovator executive or some other kind of "real job" that comes with a steady paycheck.

If you are an entrepreneur, does this resonate with you?

If you are not an entrepreneur, what do you think of someone who describes himself this way?

Dave Linhardt