Follow Up on The Founder's Workshop, Week 1

Thanks for a great session yesterday to kick off the Founder's Workshop. It's truly an honor to work with such a dedicated group of entrepreneurs who are creating something from nothing. 

Here's a copy of the overview deck that we went through.

Also, I recommend everyone watch the session on Problem Validation. I gave this talk at a Meetup a few weeks ago. It describes a detailed and methodical process for validating a problem with customers. In the video, I define a standard for determining how you know if you've validated the problem with a set of customers. Please watch this video and let me know if this approach is different, better, or worse than what you've done to date.

We also discussed the Insight-Driven Iteration process and methodology. Our discussion was a brief introduction. Our first task is to figure out what you need to validate next, and define the best experiment you can run to do this. We went through the high-level framework to determine where everyone is right now.

1. Problem
2. Solution
3. Path To Customers

Two of the teams seem focused on Path To Customers, so I'll make that our focus next week.

I'm also going to put some additional thoughts together on the standards we should use for determining what is validated and what is not. I think a more detailed discussion on this topic will be helpful to everyone.

Our next session is next Wednesday at 1 pm central / 2 pm eastern and 11 am pacific. See you then unless we talk sooner.

Dave Linhardt