There Is Something Special At FounderSensei

We just finished our fourth group of the Founder's Workshop @FounderSensei. As I always do, I asked the entrepreneurs for feedback. I was happy to hear their kind words, which made me feel once again this project is worth continuing.


Thank you for all of your kind words and positive feedback. Believe me, the honor was mine.

I don't charge anything for the workshop, which has always been a bit ironic considering I focus on business model validation. I've run some experiments to see if this program could be turned into a business, but nothing that charges entrepreneurs ever felt quite right. So, it's a hobby and a labor of love. I'd like to figure out a way to stay involved with the entrepreneurs after the workshop, so I'm working on some ideas along those lines.

What's really cool is that in developing the content for the workshop I've developed a proprietary methodology for building startups called Insight-Driven Iteration. It's based on my personal successes and failures with the six startups I've created so far. I've always been running a startup while teaching so it's given me a great laboratory for developing theories and putting them immediately into practice.

I've explored ways to monetize this process, including a new corporate innovation consultancy, validation software and a self-serve accelerator business platform. My mind is still working on some of these ideas in the background.

What is top of mind is using this process to create a new kind of incubator, called I'm not going to talk about it in this post, but I'm excited to share some news soon.

All the best to those who participated and grew from their experience at the Summer 2015 Founder's Workshop!

Always Your Sensei,

Dave Linhardt