It Isn't The Customer's Job To Know What They Want

tri11 asked:

Hey Dave. I never put down the level, but I'm a newbie. Question: for the assignment, for the last column that says something like new solution, do you come up with your own or do you ask them what type of solution they would come up with?


Ok newbie. 

Customers aren’t good at coming up with solutions, in general. That’s your job. 

So, the New Solution column is your idea for how to fix the problem. Use words and phrases that capture the idea. Don’t use lists of features. You want to test the customer’s reaction to the concept and if they understand the words you are using. A good answer is, “That sounds interesting. How do you do that?”

Also, it’s a good idea to ask the magic wand question. If you could wave a magic wand and fix any problem with your job, what would it be?