Homework Week 2

Please see the homework assignment above. Please submit your docs by noon next Tuesday. Email me through meetup.com if you haven’t been added to the Basecamp project yet.

There is nothing to fear. Get out of the building and talk to some customers. 

What if you fail? You will recover. Most failures are recoverable. How will you recover?

What if you succeed? That is the question you should be asking. Make sure you complete the story by asking this question whenever you do something scary.

Be in service to your customers.

Everyone likes to be helped. Everyone likes to have their important problems solved and their needs met. It makes their lives better! Be a servant to your customers and they will thank you with their money and their support.

Slides from today. Here you can see how I’ve been calculating market size. Come up with a calculation that makes sense based on what you currently know about your market. Go back to it from time to time as you learn more.

Here’s an example solution interview deck that I’m using now. The first slide is what I used for the problem interviews. I went through several iterations before I got it right. Start with just one slide, the problem interview slide and show it to some customers, one column at a time. Ask them what they think of each column. Listen for their verbal and non-verbal responses.

After you are confident there is a real problem worth solving that customers care about, then move on to the solution interviews. After a few iterations on problem/solution interviews, your customers will start asking “buy” questions if you are on to something. If not, figure out what is missing or what is off in your model or hypotheses. Try to get at least 10 interviews in before drawing too many conclusions. After 10 or so, you will start to see patterns.

Here’s an example business model canvas template in pdfkeynote and powerpoint.

If you have questions, you can use the Ask Me Anything feature on this blog.

Now get out there and have some fun doing it!

With gratitude,

Dave Linhardt