Thank You Spring 2013 Class!

Thank you to everyone in the Spring 2013 class! I deeply enjoyed being your sensei over the past 12 weeks.

Thank you for letting me drone on, trying to share my startup wisdom. I think it’s incredible, and pretty awesome, that some of the best lessons came not from me, but from the members of the group. I think that is a beautiful thing.

All of you are true entrepreneurs. Keep trying. Keep learning. Keep bouncing back from adversity. If you stick with it, you will be rewarded in unexpected ways. 

Startups are a long term game. Stay focused on finding meaningful problems to solve, developing awesome solutions that delight customers and finding profitable paths to your customers. 

Fortunately, our relationship will continue.

Monthly meetings for all apprentices. Ron is taking the lead on setting this up.

Weekly office hours. I’ll send you a link to signup if you are interested. If you want to talk 1-on-1, set up a 30 minute meeting with me.

Direct contact. My door is always open for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

After the summer class, I will try to bring the two groups together.

Finally, thanks to all of you for your willingness to help kickoff the next class. Thanks for giving back!


Dave Linhardt