Who else would risk it all
to change the world?

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. They are not normal. They see things differently. What the care about more than money is having a positive impact. They want to change the world. It's what drives them to do things that may seem strange to others. 

Established businesses facing disruption desperately need these unique individuals to help design, create, learn and iterate with blatant disregard for the status quo. 

For the first time ever, companies can now access the entrepreneurial spirit they need to make their innovation projects impactful. Introducing Entrepreneur-As-A-Service, a new type of professional services model for companies who want to create something new. 



Introducing Entrepreneurs-As-A-Service

We Aren't Consultants.
We Are Entrepreneurs.
It Turns Out That Makes A Big Difference.

For visionary CEOs and teams want to be on offense, Entrepreneur-As-A-Service is a new type of professional service that adds expertise and bandwidth to help companies grow faster in the face of market changes. Unlike consultants who spend large sums of money on theoretical plans that are handed off and often fail, we provide experienced entrepreneurs who create and execute disruptive business models that are critical for our client's future. We contract for these services as an independent contractor under a flexible engagement model allowing companies to turn the service on or off as their needs and budgets demand without disrupting core business teams. 


Experienced Entrepreneurs

All of our entrepreneurs have experience founding startups and launching new businesses from scratch. They are highly skilled at designing break-through business models, validating them by running carefully-crafted customer experiments and executing validated business ideas. The follow through all the way to the successful creation of a new engine of growth for the company.


Business Model Design & Validation

In today's disruptive environment, customer value is created not by new technologies alone but by innovative business models that bring these technologies to market in a useful way. All our entrepreneurs are deeply experienced in business model innovation and follow our proprietary method, Insight-Driven Iteration to unlock new sources of value for the business.


Flexible Engagement Model

It doesn't make sense to hire a bunch of employees and assign engineering resources when you're uncertain about the opportunity. Our entrepreneurs are well-suited to engage in short-term skunkworks projects to tests new ideas without overcommitting resources too soon. With our flexible engagement model, you can add entrepreneurs to your team with near zero switching costs and without distraction to your core business.

You Know You Need EaaS When...

You are overwhelmed with new ideas and aren't sure which ones are worth putting resources behind.

Your market is being disrupted and you need new engines of growth.

Your innovation teams are working hard, but they aren't having a meaningful business impact.

Your business isn't growing fast enough & you need new revenue streams fast

You just don't have enough entrepreneurial DNA in your company to get you where you need to go.


Benefits of Entrepreneurs for Hire

  • Immediate availability. Why spend the next six months recruiting, screening and interviewing for a candidate that may not work out. Hire an entrepreneur now and have an immediate impact.

  • More flexibility. Unlike employees, you can dial up or dial down EaaS resources as you need them.

  • Lower switching costs. Bring in and terminating employees is emotional and disruptive to the organization. Stay flexible with EaaS and adjust as your business evolves. 

  • More effective & efficient resources. Our entrepreneurs are deeply experienced. They roll up their sleeves, jump in and have a positive impact right away. As fast learners, their ramp up time is 1/2 as long as most employees. In most cases, an EaaS resource is more qualified than full time hires for the same position. 

  • Proactive thinking and problem solving. Entrepreneurs don’t just execute a plan, then improve the plan as they go. This allows them to make a huge impact. It allows your business to be even more successful.

  • All impact no drama. EaaS contractors aren’t looking for validation or fulfillment by climbing the organizational ladder. They don’t need promotions or power grabs. They don't have egos as they are in service to you. They only care about one thing - having a positive impact on your business.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I am always in awe at the intellect and creativity of the FounderSensei team. Having them on the job immediately improves the odds of success.
— Don Mathis, formerly CEO of Epic Advertising and Kinectic Social


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