FounderSensei Introduction

We inject entrepreneurial DNA into established businesses

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As a serial entrepreneur, I have proven experience in creating something from nothing. I've created six startups, and built five to profitability with no outside capital. My most successful startup generated a 1600x return. I've also experienced startup failure, which is an important learning experience in an entrepreneur's journey. The lessons learned from both success and failure have enabled me to be even more effective in creating something from nothing.

Before I became a serial entrepreneur, I was a corporate innovator. I added $1.5 billion to AT&T Wireless's market cap. I successfully turned around a $30 million division at Experian. I successfully turned around and sold Yesmail, the first publicly-traded email marketing company, creating $30 million in enterprise value in 18 months with no additional capital.

My background driving innovation at large companies and startups makes me the ideal resource for injecting entrepreneurial DNA into an established business.

Come with me on a journey to make your business fundamentally more innovative and create new engines of growth to drive your business forward.