For forward-thinking leaders, growth isn't a luxury. It's an imperative. For small and medium-sized businesses, growth is especially challenging. Here are some of the primary growth constraints for management teams who are trying to reach the next level.

  • Finding the right people with the right experience - You can't grow your business without the right people

  • Re-invigorating stale products - Adapting to new technologies and managing innovation is challenging and uncertain. Having experienced entrepreneurial judgment is required to navigate stormy waters. 
  • Leadership outside of the CEO's office - Effective leadership at the product or business unit level is rare and difficult to find. It's also absolutely required to develop a healthy, growing business.


We aren't consultants. We are entrepreneurs.

For visionary CEOs and teams who must increase growth, Entrepreneur-As-A-Service is a new type of professional service that adds expertise and bandwidth to help companies grow faster. Unlike consultants who spend large sums of money on theoretical plans that are handed off and often fail, we provide experienced entrepreneurs who develop and implement successful growth strategies by rolling up their sleeves to help build the business as a complement to existing teams. We contract for these services as an independent contractor under a flexible engagement model allowing companies to turn the service on or off as their needs and budgets demand. 


Experienced Entrepreneurs

All of our entrepreneurs have experience founding startups and launching new businesses from scratch. They are highly skilled at designing break-through business models and implementing them all the way through to their successful conclusion.

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Technology & Innovation Expertise

Our entrepreneurs are experienced in technology disruption and are the instigators of market change. They are designers, engineers, sales, business development professionals and marketers. 

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Strategy & Implementation Together

Entrepreneurs are impact junkies. They aren't consultants and the don't consider the job done when the PowerPoint slides are delivered to the client. They don't end with strategy. That's where they begin.

Who We Work With

Visionary, forward-thinking Founders, CEO's and management teams who are unsatisfied with their current growth rates. We work with a wide range of companies to keep our experience and perspective fresh. Our EaaS clients range from startups with $300K in revenue and small to medium-sized business up to $100 million or more in revenue. 

Common Use Cases

  • Vet new ideas before committing significant engineering and marketing resources

  • Develop new products into existing markets leveraging current customer relationships

  • Expand existing product lines into new markets

  • Create new products in new markets to address market disruption and new entrants

  • Augment existing team to deliver better execution and results to move the needle on the current plan

  • Conduct independent assessment to determine root cause of growth decline and develop plan for getting the business growing again

How It Works

Our engagements range widely and no client is exactly the same. If we are developing a new go-to-market strategy for a new product in a new area, the following graphic illustrates our typical approach.

typical engagement.001.jpeg

What Makes Us Different

FounderSensei is not a team of consultants, we are a team of entrepreneurs. The difference is that we get the job done. As entrepreneurs we not only help you create your strategy, but we also get our hands dirty and help you implement and execute giving you the best possibility of success. This is why hiring entrepreneurs to create growth in your organization is so much more powerful than hiring your average employee or highly-priced strategy consultant that's going to give you a PowerPoint deck. 

We utilize a lean startup approach leveraging our own proprietary method to help launch your solutions quickly and effectively. Our process is called Insight-Driven Iteration and involves a three step process which we can implement quickly: Problem Validation, Solution Validation and Path-To-Customer Validation. This is a powerful framework to quickly engage your potential customer base and test the market to improve your chances of success.    

What Others Say 

I am always in awe at the intellect and creativity of the FounderSensei team. Having them on the job immediately improves the odds of success.
— Don Mathis, formerly CEO of Epic Advertising and Kinectic Social

What To Do Next 

If you are interested in exploring this further, please sign up to schedule a call with us so we can determine if we can help you take your business to the next level.