Startups Are Hard

According to Business Insider, 99.6% of startups who apply to the leading startup accelerator fail. Yet some entrepreneurs seem to defy the odds and find startup success.

The #1 cause of startup failure is lack of customers. Startups fail to get traction with customers because their fundamental assumptions about their business models are flawed. Not knowing this in advance of investing in your business leads to failure. No customers means no revenue which means it’s over in most cases. 

We’ve developed a proven process for finding product-market fit, getting customer traction and attracting the resources you need to make a startup successful. 

How It Works

1. Find Product-Market Fit

2. Get Customer Traction

3. Attract Funding & Resources


Generate Evidence To Earn Access To Mentoring & Investors
Everyone Gets In But Only Few Make It Through


Learn A Proven Process For Creating A Successful Startup
Apply What You've Learned For The Rest Of Your Life

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We Are A New Kind Of Incubator / Accelerator

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What Founders Are Saying About FounderSensei

FounderSensei is the #1 lean startup training program in the world.
— UP Global
I owe 100% of my success to the FounderSensei program. I came to FounderSensei with nothing more than an app. Now, I have over 50 paying small business customers!

Whatever else you are thinking about doing, like raising money or building a product, stop what you’re doing and take FounderSensei. It will save you six years of your life.
— Jamie Johnson, Founder & CEO, Verde

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Sensei (SEN-say) means person born before another

A mentor is someone you meet for coffee to get an opinion. A sensei is an startup practitioner who guides you through the process of iteratively running customer experiments while helping you draw data-driven conclusions about your idea until you get customer traction.

Your Senseis

We build profitable startups

We are a proven team of serial entrepreneurs. We've created 11 startups so far. We bootstrapped our last five consecutive startups to profitability without any outside capital, a feat that had a 1 in 32 quadrillion probability of success (1/2000)^5. Our best bootstrap outcome generated a 1200x cash-over-cash return. We did this using a proprietary methodology we invented called Insight-Driven Iteration, which is an evolution of lean startup and design thinking principles. We have taken everything we’ve learned about building startups and have put it into the FounderSensei program. 

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

We have three services that can help you find startup success. Our online class is called the Founder’s Workbench. It’s a self-serve program for learning and applying the Insight-Driven Iteration process to your startup. We also have a live, in-person or webinar session called the Founder’s Workshop. There you can ask questions and receive guidance by one of our experienced Senseis. Finally, for startups with non-technical Founders, we build software minimum viable products with our Founder’s MVP service. Try one of our services today if you think it might be a fit for you. 

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Founder's Workbench

$29 per month

Learn how to build profitable startups. Hours of insightful, valuable content and tools from experienced, serial entrepreneurs who have built successful startups.

  • Online course that teaches you how to find a scalable, repeatable business model for your startup

  • Over 30 hours of instructional video from experienced Senseis who have created profitable businesses from scratch
  • Access to tools and software platform that guides you through the validation and iteration process to find product-market fit

Founder's Workshop

$299 per month

Live coaching and mentoring from experienced, serial entrepreneurs who are amazing teachers and practitioners. Attend in person or via live webinar.

  • 12-week course that teaches you how to find a scalable, repeatable business model for your startup
  • Live class in a group setting lead by a Sensei who has created profitable startups from scratch
  • Group learning environment where everyone in the class applies the Insight-Driven Iteration principles to their startup to find product-market fit

Founder's MVP

Custom quote

Get the experienced, technical resources you need to build your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to prove your business concept with customers. 

  • Custom software development on web or mobile designed to test your startup idea with customers
  • Access to our team of agile developers that are experienced building tightly-defined MVPs for startup Founders
  • Superior service to most offshore developers at offshore prices