Disruption is everywhere. You can see it. You can feel it. It effects your business and your industry in profound ways. One thing we’ve learned about disruptive innovation is that it’s far better to be an initiator than a spectator.
If your businesses is being disrupted by new threats, it might mean changing your business model to blunt competitive threats. It could mean developing innovative products and services that beat new entrants at their own game. Whatever the response, our clients share a common view - the biggest mistake they can make is to do nothing. 


Your Greatest Strength Is Your Greatest Weakness



Established businesses are designed to improve their business models. The problem is, they aren't necessarily good at inventing new ones.

When markets are experiencing fundamental changes, the companies who can go on the offensive are the ones who succeed. They accomplish this through their willingness to re-invent themselves and create new business models that transform themselves, and their industry in the process.

Several structural inhibitors exist in established companies that can stifle innovation. 

  • Hierarchical organizational structure
  • Business unit organizational structure
  • Improving business model versus re-inventing new one
  • Market disruption as a threat
  • Sell only fully-completed products that fit into existing business model

These structural inhibitors kill innovation. An unproven idea just doesn't fit within this structure. 


In addition, cultural inhibitors can stifle innovation at established companies. Cultural factors are very difficult to change.

  • Low tolerance of failure
  • Focus is on successful results, not on learning
  • Protect and defend existing revenue streams
  • Invest only when business model is proven
  • Misaligned incentives between employee and company

These cultural issues are non-trivial. They can prevent new & innovative ideas from taking root, and they almost always do.



Entrepreneurs For Hire

Deep Startup Experience Makes The Difference Between Innovation Success & Failure

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Insight-Driven Iteration
Our methodology extracts insight from the market & puts it into your business.

We have a proprietary process for cultivating innovation called Insight-Driven Iteration. Influenced by proven startup principles, we continuously interact with customers to test every component of the business model. This is a continuous process that only ends when we've found a scalable, repeatable business model.


Entrepreneurial DNA
Startup success for your startup business opportunity.

We are a high-performance team of successful entrepreneurs. We take everything we've learned about high-growth startups and apply this knowledge to your business opporrtunity. More than just ideas, we bring a proven team of startup entrepreneurs that are ready to take your business to the next level.

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Business Model Innovation
Make hypotheses, run tests, analyze data, iterate and repeat.

We validate every element of the business strategy empirically using hard data and key metrics. We find the most profitable and scalable path to customers based on well-crafted experiments designed to prove well-defined hypotheses. When these two steps are complete, we help scale the business quickly and profitably, tuning the engine of growth as we go.


Customer Development
The #1 reason for startup failure is lack of customers.

Today, technology has become so advanced we can do almost anything. The question now becomes, what should we do? We think the answer is found in solving customer problems. Customer Development is the process of finding and validating customer problems, solutions and how we will acquire them. Influenced by startup thoughtleaders Steve Blank, Eric Ries and startup practitioners, Customer Development is at the core of what we do to create and validate new business models.


Rigorous Market Validation
In God we trust. Everyone else must bring data.

We do this by following a rigorous process of validated learning led by experienced entrepreneurs who run measurable experiments. Our entrepreneurs bring energy, intelligence and break-through ideas as they work to validate every aspect of the business model. For us, innovation can mean developing new products or services and validating product-market fit. But, it is more than that. Innovation also includes business model innovation like building a new and profitable path to customers.

The Heart Of Everything We Do

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Typical Engagements

Examples Of Projects We've Delivered

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Executive Startup Training
Inject entrepreneurial DNA into your innovation teams

Our Startup Innovation Training is a 12-week workshop designed to teach executives and project managers to learn how to innovate like a startup. All workshops are led by an experienced entrepreneur who has created several profitable startups from scratch. This proven serial entrepreneur takes a real-world approach and creates a group learning environment that generates lasting results.


innovation Project Management
Benefit from Entrepreneurial judgment to improve your odds of success

Corporate managers and executives typically have experience improving existing business models, but they lack experience in creating new business models. Companies can take this issue head on by engaging with one of our proven entrepreneurs to lead their next innovation project. Unlike internal resources, our entrepreneurs are comfortable with uncertainty, love to live on the edge and aren't afraid of failure. Together with an internal team, there is no limit to what an entrepreneur can do for your project.


Startup Garage
Place your NEW idea into an environment where it can flourish

Most companies stifle innovation because they are set up to be efficient within the construct of their existing business model. The cultural and structural infrastructure is an existing business is designed for great execution, but it stifles new & unproven ideas. Our Startup Garage is the solution to unleash innovative ideas outside of the existing infrastructure. Just like an enterpreneur starting a business in his garage, our Startup Garage is a corporate sponsored incubator where experienced entrepreneurs work on your innovative ideas. This environment allows the idea to grow and flourish to reach its full potential.

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