Virtually every company is facing disruption today. At current rates of change, 75% of the companies on the S&P Index will be replaced by 2027. 
Most companies don't realize there is a new alternative for dealing with these emerging threats and turning them into new engines of growth. They can and should build their own startups. If this is done properly, creating your own startup is the best way to add a disruptive business model to the enterprise.
- Dave Linhardt

The Innovation Outpost
Simply The Best Way
To Create A Disruptive Business

For established companies who are facing disruption and are dissatisfied with their ability to innovate fast enough, the Innovation Outpost is a Startup-As-A-Service that develops new lean startups faster and more capitally-efficient than any other approach. Unlike acquisitions, corporate venture capital or internal innovation teams, the Innovation Outpost creates startups built by serial entrepreneurs who have successful track records of creating and scaling disruptive businesses from scratch.

These startups are owned by FounderSensei and funded by existing businesses who sponsor them because they struggle creating disruptive business models in-house. Every sponsor has the right to purchase the startup at a pre-determined price at any time, making this not only a great idea, but an incredible investment. 

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100x Higher Hit Rate Than The Best Accelator

History shows startup studios like Idealab who use serial entrepreneurs and a lean startup methodology have a 100x higher hit rate than the best startup accelerator in the world. Using our proprietary methodology, our last five house startups were profitable, a feat that had a 1 in 32 quadrillion probability of success (1/2000)^5. 

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Outside Of The Enterprise With Love To Grow  

Many internal innovation efforts fail because they are trapped by cultural and structural barriers within the enterprise. The Innovation Outpost takes the idea outside of the company and assigns it to a team of experienced, lean entrepreneurs. As the team develops, tests and iterates based on customer insights, result is powerful & magical. 

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Oversight Ensures Strategic Fit

Even though the Innovation Outpost operates independently from the sponsor, the enterprise provides guidance on which emerging technologies and themes the team should focus on. This provides the best-of-both worlds. The enterprise gets a new, disruptive business in a critical area, and the entrepreneurs get to do what they love most - change the world. It's a match made in heaven. 


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