Our vision has always been to create a tool that passes along the wisdom and insight gained from experienced entrepreneurs to the next generation of artists, rebels and mavericks. I wondered if we could build a tool that would teach, guide, empower and inspire entrepreneurs of all stripes to develop their dreams and channel their visions into this world. It is my sincere hope entrepreneurs around the world will open themselves up to our discovery process as a way to learn the truth about themselves and their startup ideas. This is the tool I wish I had 20+ years ago when I started my transformational journey.

With the Founder’s Workbench, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to a brave, new world of creativity, inspiration and growth. 
— Dave Linhardt, Founder & CEO
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Proven Business Model Design & Validation Methodology

The Founder's Workbench is the only certified software application designed exclusively around our proven methodology for building profitable startups from scratch. Committed entrepreneurs can use our Insight-Driven Iteration approach to get traction with customers, crack the code on their business models and acquire the funding and resources they need to turn their visions into high-growth businesses. Entrepreneurs who embrace this process, improve their odds of startup success by 100 times versus Y-Combinator.

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Sensei-Level Wisdom & Experience

A Sensei is a teacher, a person born before another. All of our Sensei's are experienced serial entrepreneurs. They have build successful companies from scratch. They have experienced success and failure and have deepened their understanding as a result. Unlike mentors who meet for coffee to give their opinions, a Sensei teaches you a proven process for finding product-market fit and scaling for success.

A subscription to the Founder's Workbench includes our revolutionary AI Sensei to guide you through The Method. Live Video Senseis are available on demand to take your hand when you need a lift up. 

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Resilience Psychology

Creating something from nothing requires accessing your deep, creative energy. Every entrepreneur must face severe challenges that are the most difficult in any area of business. The extreme ups and downs of building a startup is a struggle many of us are not strong enough to handle. At FounderSensei, we've developed a proprietary approach to cultivate resilience, grit, creativity and the ability to take decisive action even when the probabilities of success seem nearly impossible. As a Founder, your primary job is managing your own psychology so the Universe can work through your mind and spirit. Without a clear mind and the ability to channel creativity into your work, your startup will surely fail. 

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Evidence-Based Fundraising

Entrepreneurs who use the Founder's Workbench to design and validate their business models gain access to funding sources and additional support based on the insight in their work. Our Evidence-Based Fundraising Engine uses the data from experiments in the Founder's Workbench. These data help us identify promising entrepreneurs who are good at discovering unique customer insights and integrating these insights into their business models.

In the end, it's not the pitch but the insight that matters most on the path to startup success.

What Others Say About FounderSensei

FounderSensei is the #1 lean startup training program in the world.
— UP Global
I owe 100% of my startup success to FounderSensei. I came to FounderSensei with nothing more than an app. Now, I have a profitable, multi-million dollar business that is growing like crazy. Whatever else you are thinking about doing, like raising money or building more product, stop what you’re doing signup for FounderSensei. It will save six years of your life.
— Jaimie Johnson, Founder & CEO, Verde

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