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Dave Linhardt, Founder & CEO

I used to work in corporate America. I got the job by going to school and doing what my parents told me to do. But I wasn’t fulfilled. Twenty years ago, I quit my job and created my first startup. Since then, I built eight successful startups and I’m just getting started. Not only did I find success, I was completely transformed by the process. If you are sincere about starting your dream business and changing the world, I’d like to be your guide. I can’t guarantee financial success, but many of you will find it. I can guarantee if you follow my process, you will learn the truth about your idea and yourself. You too will be transformed by the experience.

The Founder's Workbench
The Best Way To Learn How To Build A Profitable Startup

The Founder's Workbench is the best way to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur. I've taken everything I have learned from building profitable startups from scratch and put this knowledge into a comprehensive learning and mentorship platform. If you are serious about transforming yourself from an employee to an entrepreneur, there is no better guide  than signing up for the Founder's Workbench.

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Business Model Design

I've created a proprietary process for building a startup called Insight-Driven Iteration, an evolution of lean startup and design thinking. I used to teach this class in person, but I could only reach a few students at a time. Now I've put the entire course online so anyone in the world can learn how to build a profitable startup. Learn how to design, test and validate your idea based on real-world experiments that help you figure out how to build something customers love. 

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Personalized Mentorship

I support each student on the Workbench with personalized guidance through our online platform. In addition, my team of Senseis are 3x to 8x entrepreneurs and together we have your back. All our Senseis are real entrepreneurs who have built companies from scratch. This is so important because we believe the only way to learn entrepreneurship is from someone who has done it before.

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Access To Investors

Fundraising is a critical part of the process if you want to attract outside capital. Once you have generated sufficient evidence by running real-world customer experiments, you are ready for investors. If you choose this option, which is not required, we will guide you through the fundraising process and connect you with pre-screened investors for one-on-one meetings or participation in one of the FounderSensei Dojo Day events.

Everything You Need In One Platform


Get Traction With Customers

When you are building a startup, it's all about customer traction. Our online learning and mentorship platform helps you diagnose what experiments you need to run right now, teaches you how to run them, how to interpret them, and what to do next to develop a great startup. 


Invent A Scalable Business Model

Once your customers start to flow into your business, it's time to refine, test and validate your business model. It may sound complicated, but you don't need an MBA or any business training to learn our method for designing your business model. We provide all the training, exercises, worksheets and personalized mentoring through our Senseis to help you invent a startup that accomplishes your goals. 


Cultivate A Resilient Mindset

Building a startup is like an exercise in manic depression. The highs and lows are extreme. Your #1 priority as a startup founder is managing your own psychology. You must learn to control your fear, calm your mind and tap into the infinite source of creativity that is inside all of us. That's why I've added a resilient psychology module to the Founder's Workbench. Together with our Insight-Driven Iteration process, you have the heart and the mind necessary to succeed. 

Founder's Workbench Curriculum


  • FounderSensei Overview
  • Insight-Driven Iteration Overview
  • Determining Your Current Validation Level

I. How To Validate A Problem With Customers

  • Why Problem Validation Matters
  • The Most Common Mistake Entrepreneurs Make In This Stage
  • How To Run A Problem Validation Experiment
  • How To Interpret Customer Reaction & Resonance
  • How To Choose The Right Customer - Problem Combination For Your Startup

II. How To Validate A Solution With Customers - MVP 1.0 

  • Why Solution Validation Matters
  • The Most Common Product Development Mistake
  • How To Define MVP 1.0
  • How To Run A Solution Validation Experiment With MVP 1.0
  • How To Interpret Data From Your Solution Validation Experiment
  • How To Decide Whether To Pivot Or Proceed After An MVP 1.0 Experiment

III. How To Validate A Working Prototype or MVP 2.0

  • Why Pre-Orders Are A Great Measure Of Customer Resonance
  • The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make When Building Product
  • How To Run A Solution Validation Experiment With A Working Prototype
  • How To Interpret Data From An MVP 2.0 Experiment
  • How To Decide Whether To Pivot Or Proceed After An MVP 2.0 Experiment

IV. How To Validate A Scalable Path To Customers

  •  Why Your Path-To-Customers Model Matters
  • The Most Common PTC Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
  • How To Match LTV With Channel Type
  • How To Run A PTC Experiment
  • How To Interpret PTC Data From A PTC Experiment
  • How To Decide Whether To Pivot Or Proceed On Your PTC Model

V. How To Execute & Scale Your Startup

  • Why Switching From Invent To Improve Changes Everything
  • The Most Common Mistake When Scaling Your Startup
  • How To Organize Your Company For Innovation & Scale
  • How To Decide If You Want Outside Funding Or Not
  • How To Determine What Your New Role Should Be

 Suja Vaidyanathan, Founder & CEO, HelloFabulo.us

Suja Vaidyanathan, Founder & CEO, HelloFabulo.us

"The material in the FounderSensei program is EXCELLENT.  Honestly, this is what startup Accelerators should be. I feel so lucky to have found this program. It is exactly what I need to improve my odds of success." 

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