Entrepreneur-As-A-Service - Trial Pricing

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Entrepreneurs as a service.001.jpeg

Entrepreneur-As-A-Service - Trial Pricing


Taking your business to the next level is easier said than done. Often times, startups just don't have the resources necessary to execute their plans quickly enough. 

Our Entrepreneur-As-A-Service (EaaS) solution is a new type of professional service that adds an experienced entrepreneur to your team on a contract basis. Unlike consultants who spend large sums of money on theoretical plans that are handed off and often fail, we provide highly-effective entrepreneurs who develop and implement successful growth strategies by rolling up their sleeves to build the business as part of your team. 

  • Expand your existing product lines with more bandwidth from an contract entrepreneur on your team
  • Break into new markets with your existing products with a smart, cost-effective go-to-market strategy and execution
  • Develop the next product line and sell into existing customers or expand into new markets
  • Create better sales plans and execute them to their successful conclusion
  • Upgrade your marketing efforts using the latest technologies for customer acquisition
  • Leverage new technologies to improve operational efficiency or create disruptive engines of growth
  • Obtain the functional or business unit leadership to get stuff done and accomplish your business goals

The price above includes the initial scope of work to be mutually agreed upon. During this phase, we typically define the opportunity and job to be done very clearly so we have clarity on what we are doing and why. Then, we develop a specific plan of action that will accomplish this objective and generate an immediate, positive impact on your business.

The terms of the engagement are defined in a very simple and standard independent contractor agreement, which is typically a fee-for-service agreement with no equity incentives. We are open to performance-based terms after the initial scope of work has been defined if that makes sense for both parties.

If you need more horsepower for your business, buy the EaaS solution and start moving the needle on your business today!

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