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Founder's Workshop


The Founder's Workshop is a virtual startup incubator. Entrepreneurs participate in a series of live, group webinars designed to help you gain customer traction and find a scalable business model for your startup. Webinars are conducted by an experienced entrepreneur (Sensei) who has practical experience applying the Insight-Driven Iteration process to a startup in the real world.

The Founder's Workshop is a complement to the Founder's Workbench, our online education platform and software application. In the Workshop, you will receive live guidance in the application of the Insight-Driven Iteration method and how to apply the principles to your startup. 

An experienced Sensei facilitates the Workshop sessions in a group learning environment. The sessions will follow a standard format and will general cover three areas of the Insight-Driven Iteration process.

  • Fundamental principle & tactic for creating customer value
  • Detailed example of how Sensei has applied the principle
  • Hands-on application of the principle to your startup

Teams will design their experiments in session and then execute the experiments between sessions. Entrepreneurs will present their experiments, learnings and pivot decisions to the group as new insights are discovered.


Your subscription includes access to the following modules.

  • Introduction to the Insight-Driven Iteration, a proven method for creating profitable startups with very little capital
  • How to validate a problem with customers
  • How to develop customer empathy
  • How to use a Problem Template to make sure you hit the target
  • What is an MVP (minimum viable product)?
  • How to validate a solution with customers (part 1 & 2)
  • How to validate a profitable, scalable path-to-customers
  • How to measure unit economics and quantify your business model
  • How to pivot, when to pivot and when to proceed
  • How to build entrepreneurial judgment over time
  • How to cultivate a positive, resilient mindset

The Founder's Workshop is the best way to find product-market fit for your startup idea.


You will be charged at the beginning of the month for participation in the Founder's Workshop. The price above includes the complete six-week program, meeting once per week. There are no refunds once you signup for the class.

Sign up for the Founder's Workbench today to get customer traction and to find a scalable business model for your startup idea. 

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