Startup Peer Groups

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Startup Peer Groups


Where Startup Founders Team Up & Grow Faster

What Is A Live Peer Group?

The FounderSensei Peer Group is where startup Founders team-up to solve problems and grow faster. It is your weekly advisory and support group to help keep you on track, brainstorm new solutions with outside perspective, and help your startup reach the next level. 

A Complete Startup Support System For Founders

1. Get personalized advice and feedback from other entrepreneurs who are also building startups
2. Get input on how to implement lean startup and design thinking to find product-market fit  
3. Get accountability, empathy and emotional support to help manage extreme ups and downs that are part of the journey

How It Works

1. Business Model Progress Assessment

An experienced Sensei will guide you through a self-assessment process to determine your current level of validation. From there, you can design the next experiment you need to run to discover how to increase customer traction and figure out your business model. 

2. Weekly Video Call

Huddle with your team of five Founders for a regularly-scheduled, weekly video conference in a structured one-hour call. Each Founder gets an opportunity to share successes, failures and learn from each other. 

3. Experiment Design & Hypothesis Testing

The FounderSensei Peer Group includes access to the Founder’s Workbench, which is our online learning platform for finding product-market fit. With the support of your Peer Group and the Sensei, you can design experiments and interpret results to take your startup to the next level. 

What Does It Take To Succeed In A Peer Group? 

  • Commitment to learning how to make your startup work
  • Can commit to 1 hour per week to attend video conference 
  • Is self-funded or investor-funded with sufficient budget to afford the fee without adding undue stress and anxiety
  • Can give and receive constructive input even when in disagreement
  • Is respectful and supportive to members of peer group at all times

Registration for a FounderSensei Peer Group requires a 3 month commitment, and is month-to-month after the initial 3-month period.


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