Startup Bootcamp

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Startup Bootcamp.001.jpeg

Startup Bootcamp


The Startup Bootcamp is a weekend workshop designed to teach you how to get traction with customers and build a profitable startup. The class is held in-person, typically at an offsite location. 

Business Model Validation Modules

  1. Getting the right mindset
  2. The secret to capital efficiency 
  3. Why we want to build
  4. Customer empathy
  5. Problem validation - how to validate a problem with customers
  6. Interpreting qualitative data from problem interviews
  7. Determining whether you've achieved problem validation
  8. Finding the riskiest assumption in your business model
  9. What is an MVP?
  10. Solution validation I - how to validate your solution with customers
  11. Interpreting solution validation results
  12. Identifying and developing multiple markets simultaneously
  13. Sources of funding and how to think about resources
  14. Developing your first working MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  15. Solution validation II - conversion funnel & engagement
  16. How to interpret quantitative customer behavior
  17. Business model canvas
  18. Finding a path to customers
  19. Unit economics
  20. Putting it all together to be a badass entrepreneur
  21. Search versus execution

Resilience Psychology Modules

  1. Gratitude
  2. You are not your thoughts
  3. Heart
  4. Naysayers
  5. Nonattachment
  6. Nonjudgment
  7. Nonresistance
  8. Impermanence of all things
  9. Finding your deeper I
  10. Calming your mind
  11. Living in the present moment
  12. Mind-body connection

The Startup Bootcamp costs $2,999.00 per student for the three-day Bootcamp. 

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