There is no shortage of problems in the world.

How Do You See The World?

Entrepreneurs see the world, not only for what is it, but also, for what it can be. 

If there is a problem that resonates with you, and you have a vision for how to solve it, then your intuition is already speaking to you. 

The question is, are you prepared to act?

Is This Your Calling?

Successful entrepreneurs don't see running their startups as a job. For them, it's a calling.

Have you been called to change the world?

Don't live a life a regret. Your startup may succeed or it may fail. In either case, you will be stronger, wiser and permanently changed from the experience.

FounderSensei Basic Training will be held weekly for 12 weeks, physically in Palo Alto or Chicago or virtually from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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