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On A Difficult Journey

It's easy to get lost when building a startup. There are so many different ways to go, entrepreneurs often get overwhelmed with choices and conflicting advice. Unfortunately, some heroes get lost in the wilderness. They spend precious time and limited resources without making progress quickly enough. They are spinning their wheels as they try to get traction. 



It Helps To Have A Trusted Guide

My name is Dave Linhardt. I'm a serial entrepreneur. I've created six technology startups and two service startups so far. I bootstrapped my last five startups to profitability with no outside capital. I've developed a proven approach for creating profitable startups. I've applied these principles to building my own startups, and now I'm making this knowledge available to you. 

I was mentoring entrepreneurs a few years ago and was unsatisfied with just giving my opinion. So I started teaching this approach to startup Founders instead so they could get their own answers. Some of my students have gone off and created profitable startups on their own, a fact that brings me great fulfillment and joy.

Now, our mission at FounderSensei is to make this proprietary process available to entrepreneurs around the world at a low cost. It is our sincere hope these heroes will create great things that change the world, one startup at a time. 

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What Others Are Saying

I owe 100% of my success to the FounderSensei program. I came to FounderSensei with nothing more than an app. Now, I have over 50 paying small business customers!

Whatever else you are thinking about doing, like raising money or building a product, stop what you’re doing and take FounderSensei. It will save you six years of your life.
— Jamie Johnson, Founder & CEO, Verde
I learned more from 12 weeks in the FounderSensei program than from two years at business school.
— Founder & Graduate Of A Big 10 Business School
Before I took the class, I used to think about what I wanted our product to be. Now, I listen to customers more. FounderSensei taught me how to get insight out of my customers.
— Sheila Guo, Founder & CEO, Peckish
FounderSensei helps you block out the noise. It helps you focus on what really matters to make your startup successful.

I think at the end of the day, what you are teaching people through the FounderSensei program is a discipline. It’s not something you are born with. It’s not something you can learn in school. It’s something you have to practice. It’s a step forward in learning the discipline of being an entrepreneur.
— Valentin Saportas, Founder & CEO, Hippoteq

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